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 Admission guide for hospitalized patients in Hakim hospital

Neyshabur Hakim Hospital

Office of Quality Improvement (Accreditation and Clinical Governance)

Social Work Unit








Drear clients:

  We believe that the patient is the dearest creatures of God and doing service him/her is a type of worship. Now, we have succeeded to service to the patients in the grace of God and his care. We want to be in the service of you. Your trust in this hospital can seriously increase our responsibility. In order to improve our services, we need your opinions. Therefore, upon your arrival at the hospital, we provide you some information and tips to help you during your hospitalization.



 Hakim hospital is only center that provides the comprehensive and emergency and non-emergency health services for mother and her child in Neyshabur. It has different departments as paraclinical, specialized clinics, active clinical departments of pediatrics, neonatal ward, women’s ward, Maternity, ICU, NICU, and emergency. We know, this is our duty to provide clients health services at the highest level in terms of quality and quantity.


By God help and trust on our employees’ ability, we want to be a prominent hospital in east of Iran to 2025.

Building Design Guide:

Hospital has two floors as following:


Ground floor:

Neonatal ward, internal department, emergency, laboratory, radiology,

 sonography, pharmacy, Hospital Reception, discharge, social work,

insurance expert, specialized clinic, photocopy, Complaints Unit,

chairman office and management.

First floor:

Women’s ward (surgery and natural), Maternity, surgery room, neonatal ward, NICU, ICU, nursing station, optometry,  training Hall, CSR-nursing station.

Hospital Grounds:

There are supermarket, prayer room, taxi service, Meli bank, Greenhouse


What you should know:

1-   Admission of hospitalized patients: the hospitalized patients are admitted into hospital reception department all the time.
2-      In order to how to hospitalize and to know the rules of hospital, the patients will be notified by training pamphlet.
3-       To make a health file, have your health insurance card with you when admitted to the hospital.

4-      To make a health file for childbirth or caesarean, both father’s and mother’s ID cards are necessary.

5-      Having the patient’s health insurance card is necessary during hospitalizing to be confirmed by insurance expert.

6-      The patients will be guided by training pamphlet of reception for health insurance card problems.

7-      Insurance contracts: the insurance contracts include Social Security Insurance, Medical Service Insurance, Armed Forces Insurance and Imdad (Relief) Committee Health Insurance.

8-      other various types of insurance coverage that the hospital has a contract include banks health insurance, prison health insurance, Iran insurance, Sobhan Clinic insurance, Bureau of Electricity insurance, Water and Sanitation Department insurance and oil and gas department insurance.

9-      Personnel identification: all clients can identify the hospital personnel by an ID card attached to their clothes. Also, different employees’ clothes indicate the position of personnels (nurses with white clothes, hospital services workers with light gray clothes, Health workers with yellow-white clothes, Maternity and surgery room with green clothes and NICU and ICU nurse).

10-  Prayer room is located near to policlinic entrance.

11-  There are praying stone and dust every unit.

12-  The physicians and nurses are available during treatment process and help the patients to solve their problems.

13-  The patients can select the second physician as a consultant physician.

14-  Supporting vulnerable populations in society: the patients who have economic, family, emotional and social problems (e.g. addiction, family problems, disablement, divorce or Death of spouse) can consult to social worker of hospital;

15-  Protection of personal properties: there are some commodes next to the patient’s bed to keep the personal properties. Patients and their caregivers have to protect their properties by themselves. Avoid delivering the valuable things in hospital by you.

16-  The patients can be visited every day at 14:30 to 15:30. In order to prevent the spread of disease among children, avoid bringing children younger than 12.

17-  Supermarket is always at service.

18-  Taxi service is located on entrance door of hospital, so you can call with 333.  

19-  The guards are at the clinic entrance door to answer your question and solve your problems.

20-  There is an Meli Bank ATM at north side of hospital located near the policlinic entrance.

21-  If you are having problem, you can see Mr. Abedi (hospital manager)  in  complaints Unit in days and use the Complaints and suggestions box at nights and in the evening or  go to the nursing station.

22-  Medical expenses: the medical expenses are approximately shown in followed table for different departments.





Social Security Insurance

Medical Service Insurance

Armed Forces Insurance

Without insurance

Emergency caesarean

20,000 T

100,000 T

20,000 T

1,800,000 T

Elective caesarean

200,000 T

250,000 T

200,000 T

1,800,000 T

infertility  Cesarean

20,000 T

250,000 T

20,000 T

1,800,000 T

Natural childbirth






50,000 T

70,000 T

50,000 T

1,000,000 T


20,000 T

50,000 T

10,000 T

1,200,000 T


10,000 T

30,000 T

10,000 T

500,000 T


15,000 T

50,000 T

10,000 T

1,000,000 T

Department of Pediatrics

Per night in hospital 300,000 T

Neonatal ward

cost per inpatient night in hospital 200,000 T


cost per inpatient night in hospital 600,000 T


cost per inpatient night in hospital 900,000 T

Internal department

cost per inpatient night in hospital 400,000 T





There are certainly some complaints and flaws regarding to the available facilities, so we wish that you can guide us to improve the quality of services by your valuable critics. You can call with 101 to suggest your opinions.


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